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No, not to a substance. More like to a website. Several, really. I know it's wrong, and I know I should be getting some sleep instead, but I find myself drawn to my computer screen, constantly checking LiveJournal and Fanfiction.net. Why? Because, I am a Harry Potter addict, and currently my only relief is fanfiction. There are some amazing authors I discovered on other sites that write here faster (Ella...), and some that update every day on other sites. When I miss a day and can't check the sites, I go crazy the next day trying to catch up. Somehow it's not affecting school yet. My math teacher even wants to move me to a higher level class. But still, I worry. And I can't write my own, because I stink at writing fanfiction. I've tried. But the words just don't flow.

It's different when I'm singing. When I sing, all the little things that add weight to my back go away. My mind clears. Sometimes, I start singing under my breath and just create my own words, own tune. I write the soundtrack to my life, and promptly forget it. In elementary school, at recess, I'd walk off to the corner of the playground and sing about how I wanted my friends to notice I'd left. All my songs were very repetitive. I think I sang "over here" more than anything else. A lot of the songs didn't even have verses. Now, though... Now the range of songs is bigger. The notes are more varied. The emotions put into them tear through me like a hurricane and almost make me break into tears. And they're still about someone noticing.

And there's still no one who does.

Ravenna: My Day To Be A Hippie

My name's Joy. Thus, I've been locked into hippiedom since birth. But there's really only one day of the year I actually enjoy it. Every first Sunday in May, if you go down to Cowen/Ravenna Park in Seattle at around noon, you'll see a bunch of guys in dresses. Yes, most of them are gay. What are they all doing there? They're celebrating the start of May, Spring, and a new year of lusciousness. I'm there, too. We all call to the Goddess Ravenna Ravine, and take a nice long walk through the park, ending with a big potluck and a Maypole. Fun, no?

Writer's Block: Planet's Rights

How do you feel about Pluto's recent demotion? Should it still be a planet?

I love Pluto and the fact that they had a contest when they first discovered it: "Name The New Planet!"...

Ah well, now I can go around griping at little kids - When I was your age, Pluto was a PLANET! (Little kids: @.@)

(Any wonder why I'm using the Writer's Block quotes?)

Writer's Block: Six-Word Story

Hemingway was once challenged to write a story in only six words. His response? “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” He is believed to have called it his greatest literary work ever. Can you write a story in six words?
It was the best of times.

I WAS going to do "Once Upon A Time: The End" but that seemed too short...


The title of this post sums up my feelings when my best friend (who I swear is actually my twin) told me her dad's work is forcing them to move to Milan. That's in Italy, reviewers. I'm in Washington - West Coast of the U.S. They're planning on staying there for four years. They're leaving before my birthday (and hers - two days after mine.)

But it's not all bad. I get an excuse to learn Italian, and they've invited me over for Spring Break. (Start saving now!)

All in all, this has forced my brain to go into overdrive. (And over-use parethenasises)


Ah, those exploding, colorful masterpieces. Me being a bit of a pyromaniac (Just a little bit! I swear!), I love to buy whatever fireworks I can and set them off. I am very careful doing this, however, as I have a bit of a history with America's birthday. I guess you could say that it goes back to before I was born - My mother participated in the Bicentennial Wagon Train. Ten years ago today, my parents got married. A reference for anyone reading this who doesn't know me: I'm almost fifteen now. Two years ago today, I made an emergency dismount from a runaway horse and ended up with a crash landing and a broken ankle that required surgery. I still have two titanium screws in my foot. But, as Irving Berlin put it so well, America is the "land that I love". Just... Don't expect me to like the people living here.


Moving Boxes

How impersonal is the term "moving box"? The items themselves are nothing more than cardboard. So why can they instill feelings of pain, excitement, or jealousy? I'm near moving boxes at the moment - my family is relocating. 30 miles will separate me and my closest friends. Not that great a distance in reality, but in my mind, it's practically the other side of the country. (In the small possibility that someone who has seen The Ring is reading this - Mr. Morgan's farm? Yeah, that's where I'm gonna live.)

How will I survive with only horses as my closest neighbors? Oh... Wait... HORSES?


Is there anything more disappointing than a Triple Crown not happening? I freely admit, I'm a horse fan. I've been to two of the Triple Crown racetracks - I was at the Belmont rail when Funny Cide lost five years ago. I was hoping for Big Brown to win this year. But, as with every race, you can't predict everything. The wonder horse I'd been praising for over a month had no juice. He decided to toss up his head at the jockey, and had nothing in the stretch.

Am I the only one who feels cheated? I bet the people who bet 6 million at Belmont for Big Brown to win feel cheated. I bet his jockey, trainer, owners... I bet every person who has heard of the Triple Crown feels cheated. We all wanted the thirty year drought to end.

And yet, we are fickle friends. Already, people are looking to the two-year-olds of the racing industry, wondering what horse will be the next horse to run for the roses, black-eyed-susans, and carnations. What horse is the best bet for the 135th Kentucky Derby? The 134th Preakness Stakes? The 141st Belmont Stakes? And will the Triple Crown wait for another winner? People are worried. Eight Belles, the runner-up of this year's Derby died on the Churchhill Downs track. Some people think that it's too much for today's horses. Some people want the Triple Crown to either lower it's standards, or just plain old vanish.

Personally? I was cheering for Eight Belles in the Derby. But I want to cheer for horses in Triple Crowns to come. My mother was lucky enough to be there when Secretariat won the Triple Crown, more than thirty years ago. I want to be there when the next winner crosses the Belmont finish line. I want to see a Triple Crown winner, live.

My Latest Grouse

I haven't posted in ever, and I apologize. However, I have a good reason for the last month, at least. I recently sprained my arm very badly, too badly for a plain old splint. For the last three weeks, I've had my right arm encased in a green cast. I'm right-handed.

Luckily, I get the cast off tomorrow. Otherwise, I'd probably go SO insane I'd be committed to an asylum.

Then, there's the really messed up weather Seattle's been getting.... As I type this, it's 34 degrees fahrenheit. That's two degrees above freezing, two days before April!



Ever since April, I've been waiting and waiting, and now... Potter Puppet Pals has a new episode!! Complete with a rating!!

My only comment: Your mother is a -beep- ing -beep- Laurem Ipsim -beep- Agmitium Venium -beep- tragoola -beep- hippopotamus -beep- Republican -beep- ing Daniel Radcliffe -beep- with a bucket of -beep- in a castle far away, where no one can hear you -beep- soup -beep- with a bucket of -beep- Mickey Mouse -beep- and a stick of dynamite -beep- magical -beep- alakazam!